Bikes & Ferries

Bicycles are welcome aboard all Golden Gate Ferry (GGF) vessels on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following exceptions apply:

  1. Maximum bicycle capacities noted below can vary by vessel class and operating conditions including passenger loads.
  2. Electric bikes are NOT permitted aboard Golden Gate Ferry vessels.
  3. Folding bikes are permitted. They must be stowed under a seat or in another location deemed safe by onboard crew and are not allowed to be stowed using the bike racks reserved for regular, non-folding bicycles. They should be stowed in an appropriate carry-on bag.

Sausalito Ferry: A 715-passenger Spaulding class vessel provides service on this route and can accommodate up to 200 bicycles.

NOTE: During the summer and other periods when the volume of bicycle rentals is very high, reservations for boarding the Sausalito Ferry with a bicycle are provided by and managed by San Francisco-based bike rental companies. The boarding reservation stand is location directly adjacent to the Sausalito Ferry Landing. Reservations for passengers with bikes are first-come, first-served.

Larkspur Ferry: High-speed catamaran class vessels provide service on weekdays and a high-capacity Spaulding class vessel is used on the weekends. The catamaran class vessels can accommodate 15 bikes; the Spaulding class vessels can accommodate up to 100 bikes. There is secure bike storage inside the Larkspur Terminal paid waiting area for up to 80 bikes. Bike racks outside the waiting area can accommodate up to 60 bikes.


High-speed catamaran, M.V. Del Norte
High-capacity Spaulding, M.S. Marin






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